Flip Flops 017


✓ These slippers were handmade products, farmers from far distant countryside in Viet Nam near the beaches planted the seegrass, the grass hight aroud 1,5m to 2m.After a year they havarted then dry the grass before make the grass foot beds so to keep the feet no sweat. These sedge could made many thousands of inside house using as sitting mat, bed mat, kitchen use to avoid heat while cooking. Together with the desingers from WISEWEAR, we made different styles of feet soles. Different sizes , velvet thongs, flowers cotton thongs, silk thongs are comfortable to wear. The soles made from sedge gives them an antiperspirant effect. With lower foam soles these flip flops are very comfortable.

★★★ FEATURES ★★★
✓ Lower foam – soled padded soles slippers with arch support

✓ Open-toes design with flax & cotton material; Let your feet breathe.

✓ Used in bedroom, living room, office, apartment, hotel and other daily use; Free your feet from the constraint of high heels and working shoes and have a good rest of feet when getting off work

✓ The slippers belongs to size period instead of any single precise size

✓ A gift for husband,wife,mom,dad and close friends


✓ Please do not wash it with machine. Also, please use wet cloth to wipe the slippers instead of soaking it in water. To keep the sedge mat fresh for long time./Size Chart for Reference:
08 US: Sole Length: 09In ; Sole width: 3.7in

09 US: Sole Length: 10in ; Sole width: 3.8in

10 US: Sole Length: 10.5in; Sole width: 4in

11 US: Sole Length: 10.5in ; Sole width: 4.2in

12 US: Sole Length: 11in ; Sole width: 4.5in

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